With respect to our special community we are staying compliant to social distancing guidelines. 

Please wear your mask as you check in and out. We recommend wearing a mask throughout our class.

   Check in: *contact-less

        -When you arrive to check-in, please maintain social distance as you provide us with your ID. In return we will                  provide you with your sanitized equipment.


        -We thoroughly clean all headphones after every class. We will also have sanitizer available.

    Social distance:

        -Set up at least 12 ft from your neighbors. Please provide a generous amount of space (unless you are in a pod                with someone) around your mat/towel.


*If you're feeling sick, please stay home!

*If you attended a class and have COVID symptoms within 14 days after the class, please notify us immediately. 


It is a blessing to gather and practice together.

Can't wait to see you!

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